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Portable table tennis racket

Portable table tennis racket


Key points:
1. Take snowshoes and mosquito nets: You can get high-performance snowshoes and portable mosquito nets at the same time.
2. Suitable for games anywhere-the game can be played on any table with a maximum width of 72 inches in seconds.
3. Stable and retractable ball net: Each table tennis racket also includes an adjustable table tennis net, suitable for any table, can use the clip system and anti-slip surface for a long time, suitable for home or portable games.
4 dura Durable family games: table tennis games for indoor and outdoor games, now you can play table tennis anytime, anywhere!
5 sets of complete table tennis sets: this set includes 2 * professional table tennis rackets, spare nets, retractable table tennis nets with nails and 4 high-quality table tennis balls for controlling epic shots.

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